Economic Development Organizations
Engaged in Mt. Oliver

Economic Development Organizations
Engaged in
Mt. Oliver

Hilltop Economic Development Corporation (HEDC)

The Hilltop Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) is a 501(c)(3) community development corporation dedicated to serving Mt. Oliver Borough and City of Pittsburgh’s Knoxville neighborhood. The mission of the organization is to serve as the community resource in strengthening and developing the Brownsville Road Business District and neighborhoods. The HEDC works with Mt. Oliver Borough and the Hilltop Alliance to complete real estate development projects, as well as design and implement programs for businesses.

Hilltop Alliance

hilltop alliance logoHilltop Alliance is a collaborative, community-driven organization that is comprised of member community development organizations from the City of Pittsburgh's eleven Hilltop neighborhoods, as well as Mt. Oliver Borough. The HEDC and Borough Staff work closely with the Hilltop Alliance to provide business district revitalization and housing stabilization programming to Mt. Oliver Borough.


The Mt. Oliver Area Business Owners Association(MOABOA) is a loose organization of area businesses that meet monthly to learn about resource and share ideas. Meetings are normally held quarterly at a different location each time. To sign up for the mailing list, please click the button below.

Mt. Oliver Strategic Action Plan

The Mt. Oliver Strategic Action Plan (2020) was developed as part of the Allegheny Together Program, in partnership with Fourth Economy and Evolve. The plan outlines goals and strategies for the revitalization of the Brownsville Road Business District. As part of the Allegheny Together Program, technical support is provided over a three-year period to help implement the plan.

Mt. Oliver Comprehensive Plan

The term Comprehensive Planning is used to describe a process that identifies community goals and aspirations in terms of future land use and community development.  In 2015, a steering committee was formed and Mt. Oliver Borough began embarking on the comprehensive planning process.  The outcome is a plan that guides public policy for housing, land use, commerce, recreation, and transportation.

Mt. Oliver Neighborhood Partnership Program

The Mt. Oliver Neighborhood Partnership Program (NPP) is a six-year state tax credit program where corporations with high state tax liability commit to investing dollars in a community. In return, a portion of that investment can be applied towards their state tax liability. The workplan for the Mt. Oliver NPP is a balanced mix of place-based commercial revitalization strategies, housing stabilization, and human services, to deliver a truly comprehensive approach to community development. Our proud sponsors for the 2021-2027 cycle include:

  • United Concordia
  • Giant Eagle
  • Fragasso Financial Advisors
  • Northwest Bank


Our partner organizations that are integral in assisting us to deliver the services outlined in the work plan include:

  • The Hilltop Alliance
  • The Hilltop Economic Development Corporation
  • The Brashear Assocation


Take a tour of Mt. Oliver and see what it’s like at the center of it all! From parks and playgrounds to great businesses and homes, Mt. Oliver has so much to offer. And with our community being so close to the City of Pittsburgh, it provides the best of city living, with a hometown, suburban feel.



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