Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for enforcing Mt. Oliver’s Property Maintenance Codes, as well as managing the Borough’s Rental License Program.

Monthly Report

Building Inspection Underwriters, Inc. (BIU), is the Borough’s appointed Building Code Office (BCO) and is responsible for all point of sale inspections, rental inspections, and building & zoning permits.

Application for Building Permit
Application for Occupancy Permit
Application for Rental License

Rick Hopkinson
Borough Manager/Code Enforcement Officer
Ph:  412-431-8107 ext. 106

Building Inspection Underwriters, Inc.
317 South Home Avenue
Avalon, PA 15202
Ph:  412-766-2565


Property Stabilization Committee

The Property Stabilization Committee is a new initiative by the Hilltop Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) and was formed in response to community concern around absentee landlords and blighted properties. The Committee touches on beautification initiatives, strategic code enforcement, and connecting residents and property owners with resources. The goal of committee is to set a standard of compliance, while also learning why compliance is an issue for some property owners and to help problem-solve those issues.

Meetings will be held on a monthly basis and will provide residents with an opportunity to sit down with community leaders to express concerns, as well as learn about progress from the previous month. These meetings are attended by the Code Enforcement Officer.