Business Spotlight: Tech25

Tech25 team

Event Production and Broadcast Industry Non-Profit Moves to Mt. Oliver Borough

The local event production and broadcast industry organization owned by 25 Carrick Ave Project, Tech25 has recently moved from Carrick to Mt. Oliver Borough and brought their mission to provide youth and adults with career opportunities in the event production and broadcast industry through classes, workshops, and hands-on mentoring.

Tech25Tech25 aims to provide education, vocational, and certification programs that lead to living-wage careers in the entertainment technology field. While they work closely with the Carrick neighborhood to provide opportunities to Carrick youth and adults and run events like the Carrick Light Up Night, Tech25 is also excited to form new partnerships in Mt. Oliver Borough.

Most recently, Tech25 ran lighting, sound, and brought in one of their youth DJs for Mt. Oliver's Light Up Night on November 25th! Executive Director Pete Spynda told Hilltop Alliance that their programs are hoping to support two areas of the community at once, "We're looking to bring capacity and professionals to organizations and businesses that don't have the access otherwise and we want to give our students opportunity to learn in the field. We facilitate getting our students projects from the community and provide professional mentors and teachers for them to learn under."