Business Spotlight: TC Candy

Terreri Family Photo by First Sip Studios

It’s one of the sweetest times of the year with Easter Sunday coming up this weekend! Did you know that the Terreri family of TC Candy has brought sweetness to the Borough for nineteen years? Plus, yesterday they celebrated six years in their storefront at 101 Brownsville Rd! A true family owned business, from the employees to recipes- everything at TC Candy runs in the family.

TC Candy was started by Suzanne Terreri in her garage, the “T” stands for the family’s last name- Terreri! Having never made chocolate before, Suzanne and her family invested in one little pot nineteen years ago and never looked back. She started out making peanut butter cups and chocolate turtles but today whatever chocolate treat you’re looking for- TC Candy probably makes from scratch! Even their delicious TC Candy marshmallows are made using a homemade marshmallow recipe from Suzanne’s mother in law.

TC Candy“Through trial and error we found the best ingredients for the job and we make a good product now,” explained Suzanne and her daughter Jeanine who can usually be found in the back making their products. Both Suzanne’s daughter Jeanine and her husband are chocolatiers alongside her. Meanwhile her youngest daughter runs their social medias and her son helps out in between running his own business.

Suzanne enjoys making chocolate but she also feels grateful for the opportunity to spend so much time with her family. “Not very many people can say they work next to their daughter!” she said.

TC Candy and the Terreri family are staples in Mt. Oliver and they hold regular holiday and seasonal children's events throughout the year like Santa Claus for Christmas and the Easter Bunny this past March in preparation for Easter. They also have hosted community fundraisers and are always eager to find ways to get involved.

This summer they are planning to bring out their food truck to events around the city- so keep an eye out when you feel a sweet tooth coming on!

Don’t forget to shop their Easter selection this week!

They are open 11am-5pm Tuesday through Friday, 11am-3pm Saturday, and are closed Sunday and Monday.

(Terreri Family Photo © First Sip Studios)